Here we look at the ‘Enabling’ services that can be usefully provided to help those working with this Process –  people and stages involved in the Process, and the useful help, are as follows:

The ‘Inspired’– these are people who feel they receive spontaneous intuitive inspiration but would like help in order to enhance this incipient skill.

The Enabler provides help in:

Developing the incipient skill to the point where a higher level of consciousness may be accessed at will

Learning how to use this new skill in accessing the Wisdom available in the solution of specifically defined problems

 Learning how to refine the information that comes through from the Wisdom into a clear description of the action that needs to be taken

The ‘Material Resources’- The Inspired people come up with ideas of action needed. Resources will be needed to take this action – in many cases, in many cases the inspired ones may not be fluent in the practical world where these resources are to be found.  One resource needed may be funding – there is no shortage of funds available, but the fund providers will want a clear plan of what is intended, including clarity on the eventual outcome. The idea of setting out such a concrete business plan will often be in conflict with the inspired one’s idea of ‘allowing the energy to flow’ and the project to evolve as inspired so to do.

The Enabler provides help in:

I have a practical business plan indicating how the project will eventually be self-sustaining and the funds needed to reach their objective

Finding the needed providers of resources of finance, people, premises, and equipment

Supporting the application to the resources and what is required and working with the project until the necessary action has been taken

Setting up the Organisation

Or any community project some form of organisation will be required

The Enabler provides help in:

Defining the nature of the task for the intuitively inspired initiator in the ongoing project

Setting up the organisation/structure needed for the project to flourish

And ongoing role for the neighbour in guiding the project as it develops

See the separate section for the skills required by the enabler


The skills that are required by those offering a service of Enabling can be briefly summarised as follows:

They can be an individual or a group within an organisation – either the individual, or the team as a whole, will have the following skills.

They are fluent in their own ability to access the Wisdom, seek its advice advice and understand the information that comes through

They are able to relate and understand the particular approach of the ‘intuitively inspired’

They are fluent in the practical world of business

Have experience in setting up and running businesses and charities

They have useful contacts with professionals and sources of finance and resources

They have experience in negotiating with the professionals involved in providing the resources


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