In our page on Objects we define these as –
Use the company – Savaric Whiting Ltd – working with others – to:
  • Encourage the co-operation of organizations in Glastonbury
  • Help the town to develop as a center of spiritual transformation
  • Promote the town as such
  • Promote awareness of the Ageless Wisdom
  • Promote awareness of the Enabling Process
  • Research solutions to current social and global problems
  • Provide facilities to train people in all aspects of the above
  • Encourage people so trained to train others.:

We are currently taking the following action in taking forward our objectives
Co-operation of organizations in Glastonbury –

See Page in this site- Glastonbury – and our website
Promote awareness of the Ageless Wisdom

See Page in this site- Wisdom – and our web site
Promote awareness of the Enabling Process

See Page in this site- Enable- and our web site
Research solutions to global problems

See Page in this site- Projects – and our web site

Fundamental Problems

At the heart of all the current problems lie three dilemmas:

The growth in materialism and the loss of spiritual awareness.

The development of material prosperity at the expense of the well-being of the Earth.

Democratic freedom at the expense of the ability to address difficult fundamental problems.

In due course, in our web site, we will look at each of these dilemmas – and look at possible solutions, as follows.

Global Warming

seeking to find a practical solution to the dilemma of implementing the necessary changes required ecologically, whilst looking at the transitional action needed economically. Essentially this is finding ways of addressing the politically difficult problem of taking the economic action necessary to address the ecological problem


Greater awareness of how the individual may maintain their own health. How meditation and other practices may be used to overcome minor physical ailments and to ensure the positive enjoyment of life, despite physical frailty.


What are the new jobs that will be needed ? – and what are the skills required to fulfil these jobs ?


Teaching individual self-sufficiency – and how young people can take control of their own lives.


Understanding and using the Enabling Creative Process.


Into all aspects of the positive and conscious use of the Wisdom.

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