There is a long-held belief in an ancient spiritual teaching. It has many names including the Ageless Wisdom, the Perennial Philosophy and in recent years Theosophy. Understanding this Wisdom is a vital part of our venture.

It is not a religion – but the belief system that underlies all regions

This is not the place to go into detail about this concept – there are plenty of websites available on the Ageless Wisdom. But we need to say a few words about this ‘Wisdom. A concept is, at present, not widely accepted !

The essential understanding is that there is a Universal Mind that links and joins all aspects of the material world. This is a form of consciousness to be found everywhere. This Universal Mind is a source of wisdom and love, and contained within it is the knowledge of how humankind is progressing, how it is to progress, and a record all that has ever occurred and is to occur.

Most people have experienced moments of insight and flashes of intuition. Poets, authors, composers, and artists often refer to their inspiring ‘Muse’. Many scientists and engineers say that some form of insight that they do not fully understand. has inspired the development of a new project

The general understanding is that these flashes of insight are spontaneous and cannot be built upon. Indeed, this Mind is not accessible through the conscious human mind. But it is accessible through various practices including meditation and contemplation. The use of these practices gives access to this universal mind and in due course gives access to answers to problems of the material world not immediately apparent to the conventional intellectual approach

We maintain that access to this Universal Mind is the starting point for finding solutions to contemporary material problems. For more information see our site –

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