This procedure is universal and, with appropriate adjustments and modifications, is found in the creation of everything – whether it be a book, a piece of music, a new political party or a bridge

In our page- Enable – we look at this specialized way of working with Creativity

The following steps are taken:

  • A need is expressed, or created, for an objective
  • A designer, inventor or creator is either inspired or employed to produce the objective
  • The creator conceives an idea of how to achieve the ultimate objective. This idea is seen to have arisen from the past training and experience of the creator – and, with creative artists. it might be accepted that a ‘Muse’ had played a part.
  • This idea is visualized in detail and decisions made upon the measures needed to materialize the idea.
  • The creator may initiate all the necessary action to enable the project to be completed – alternatively an individual or company may be retained to find and provide these resources – and to supervise the production of the end product.
  • The above having been agreed, the creation process starts
  • In due course the objective is realized
  • Action is then taken to produce and deliver the objective to its planned audience. This may be by the creator- or alternatively an agent or the commissioning company

How does the Enabling Process differ from the above ?

  • A need is expressed, or created, for an objective as a result of consciously accessed intuitive inspiration
  • The designer, inventor or creator is usually an individual working on their own
  • The creator conceives an idea of how to achieve the ultimate objective.
  • The idea is visualized in detail and the final outcome is clearly visualized
  • The methods needed to achieve the final outcome are loosely defined – the details are left for instructions from the ongoing guidance.
  • If the idea being visualized is a community project, then there will soon become apparent a need for people and other resources. Some of this may come from volunteers and donations, but inevitably some funding will be needed.
  • Any potential funding source will need concrete plans with defined steps towards a sustainable future

Now we meet the first major obstacle !

  • Creators, fluent with the intuitive creative process, are often antagonistic to the concrete, materialistic requirements of the suppliers of the necessary funding
  • At this stage, the creator either needs to possess the skills of an Enabler, or retain the services of a person or organization able to provide these skills
  • A new project will need a significant amount of organizing in the way of legal structure and financial accounts help and organization – this may not be a skill of the creator – again someone will have to be found to perform this function
  • From this time on, whoever is doing the Enabling will be needed to fill the vital role of allowing a properly structured organization to emerge in order to implement the inspiring ideas of the creator.
  • throughout the whole of this second stage, the creator continues to provide important ideas received from the guidance, whilst of the organization as a whole is running along conventional lines

what we see is the need for the inspired Creator to conform sufficiently to the needs of the materialistic society in which they are

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